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Letterwriter Programs

Dave has created dozens of ACTION PLANS which help you stay in touch with past customers, clients, and prospects. These plans are many and varied. They include the client follow-up plans such as “The Seven Year Follow-Up Plan,” and “Gold Mine Referral Program.” They also include prospecting follow-up plans such as “Follow-Up on Buyer Inquiry,” and “Open House Follow-Up.”

A unique feature of the letters or emails is that they are available in Word formats for cutting and pasting into your preferred programs such as Outlook or your email browser. Or, they are available in automatic installs for Top Producer, Agent Office, 360 Agent, Respond, and Wise Agent. So they are easy to use on any computer, without writing, typing, spell-checking, etc.

The complete LetterWriter series includes over 777 messages that can be used as letters, emails or marketing messages. They are organized to work in your key focus areas – there are over 37 action plans and libraries of letters. To see the letters by category please click on LetterWriter Series. If in doubt, buy more than one program, or better yet, buy them all and choose your plans for today, tomorrow and forever!

Over 12,000 customers rave about the ease of use, and the positive responses they get from customers and clients.

Think about how these letters or emails compare to the ones that YOU NEVER SENT! Order today!

I am just writing to let you know what a great response I am getting from your letter writer letters! I was having at least one person a week call a week for me to list their house! The letter schedules really helped with Expireds and FSBO’s! When I was too busy to actively prospect I still sent out the scheduled letters and kept getting calls! Please let me know if you come out with another version, I’ll buy it!!

Thomas J. O'Brien

Realtor Associate, Prudential Rosenberger Realty

Just a note to Thank You again for your Letter Writer Program. Our business increased by 85% to 128 units closed. Our numbers are complete and the single most profitable part of our business was your Dave Beson Expired Mail Plan in the Letter Writer Program. We listed 47 expired properties and closed 29 with an average commission of $2990. That’s a Whopping $86,420 in commissions. We continue to make over $10 for every dollar spent on expired mail. We never call them, they always call us.

We send a letter every other day for 20 days. Then the phone rings.

Leslie Edwards

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