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Cruise Control Audio


Dave Beson’s Automated Recruiting System: “How to Recruit Experienced Agents” audio. Includes 8 audio sessions of 60 minutes each to show and tell exactly how to put your recruiting on “Cruise Control”.

The manager is often given the job of running the office, recruiting, and putting out fires with little training or support. If you would like to get a Master’s Degree in recruiting and retention without leaving your car or your office, then this is the product you need. The 8 audio lessons walk you though a vision of recruiting, a targeted recruit list, best practices in recruiting, retention, and more. You’ll get ideas on studying the competition and on how to turn your advantages into reasons for the recruit to join you, now. Specific attention is given to overcoming objections from recruits such as “I’m too busy to move now”, or “I can’t leave now, after all my manager has done for me…” Don’t experiment in your recruiting. Instead, count on the tools included in this program.



  1. Avoid Four Major Mistakes
  2. What Works in Recruiting
  3. The Secret to Recruiting Experienced Agents
  4. Get Ready to Recruit
  5. Charting Your Course
  6. TEAM – Together Each Achieves More
  7. What the Best Recruiters Know
  8. Masters Degree in Human Relations
  9. Handling Resistance
  10. Getting a Yes
  11. How to Analyze a Company: Session for Recruits – Part 1
  12. How to Analyze a Company: Session for Recruits – Part 2
  13. Key Questions Answered
  14. Key Questions Answered (continued)
  15. Quick Summary of Key Concepts
  16. Review of Key Forms and Planning Tools