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LetterWriter For Managers (ARMS)


Why operate your office at 80% or 90% capacity when the ideal candidate to join your team is just a few computer clicks away? Use this recruiting program and take care of your existing staff too!

The LetterWriter for Managers (ARMS) program as a digital download contains 188 letters in categories such as Preliminary Recruiting, Tough Market Series, General Real Estate, Hot Button Series, and much more.

LetterWriter for Managers is a complete planning and recruiting system for you. The programs have been used all over the world and are particularly effective for managers and leaders who want to “raise the bar” in terms of their active recruiting and retention. Best of all, the content is available for Word, so you can cut and paste the messages into your Outlook program, or your preferred email program. If you use Top Producer, Agent Office, 360 Agent or one of the other real estate specific contact managers, we have a custom install for you. Use this content to get organized and start being pro-active in your recruiting right away!

The job of the real estate office manager is to recruit, select, train, and manage. And in today’s market the value of leadership and confidently helping others to manage their goals, and to achieve their dreams is key.

If you are charged with the task of building and maintaining your real estate sales team in this competitive and challenging market, you need all the help you can get. So check out the LetterWriter for Managers. It is a series of ACTION PLANS of letters and email messages to help you reach out to your targeted recruit list. You also will have an arsenal of retention tools in the form of emails and letters to use with your current team. Now you can use this program to tell your company, office, and personal leadership story to your potential recruits in a valuable, multi-layered approach.



  • Preliminary Recruiting: 20 letters, sent every 10 days
  • Facts: Straight Talk Letters: 12 letters, sent every 7 days
  • Hot Button Series: 10 letters, sent every 7 days
  • Tough Market Series: 8 letters, sent every 10 days
  • Career Shift, General: 12 letters, sent every 14 days
  • Health Care Pro’s: 12 letters, sent every 7 days
  • General Real Estate: 24 letters, sent every 7 days
  • Features & Facilities Flaunted: 12 letters sent every 21 days
  • The Leading Edge Series: 12 letters sent every 10 days
  • New People: It’s A Great Business: 12 letters sent every 10 days
  • Save a Sale: 10 letters sent every 21 days
  • We Appreciate You: 36 letters sent in any interval



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LetterWriter Platinum


LetterWriter Plus