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Audio CD Bundle


The “The Total Service Solution” and “No Fear Negotiation” .mp3s CD includes 8 different sessions on negotiating a better offer, a better price, and even a better year! The program combines Dave's street-tested methods and techniques with the best selling professional negotiation techniques of the masters.



This Audio bundle is guaranteed to move you to the next level of success.

The First Series: The Total Service Solution Audio Pack

How can you build upon your expertise, your integrity and your team to exceed the customer’s expectations? Quit advertising that you are “Number One” and start building your value through “Platinum Service”. Overcome New Challenges to Commission and Loyalty, Master Dialogs for Tough Situations.

You will discover how to:

  • Profile yourself as the “best” and the competition as “all the rest”
  • Eliminate complaints and nagging questions.
  • Create a performance that is equal in reality to expectations.
  • Get people to rave about your service and you.
  • Integrate your team, technology, and daily effort to win the battle for market-share.
  • Implement new customer service systems starting this week.
  • Succeed with the “It’s my Pleasure” attitude made popular by Ritz-Carlton Hotels.

The Second Series: No Fear Negotiation

What do you get paid on transactions that almost close? How good are you with dealing with difficult problems in negotiations?

This program will help you discover how to:

  • Overcome new challenges to commission and loyalty.
  • Lead your team, your family, anyone to take profitable action.
  • Master dialogues for tough situations with buyers and sellers.
  • Enhance your “value added” and ease your negotiations.
  • Protect your fees with integrity.
  • Make all negotiations easier by managing perceptions in advance.
  • Turn “commissionectomy” into a referral opportunity.


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