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Kind Words from My Seminars

“You are a master teacher…you held their attention for the whole day”

What an awesome day we spent with you! Our people are still talking about it – and you. Yo are a master teacher and a great person. Our people got so much from you at three different levels.

First, you were so entertaining that you held their attention for the whole day – not an easy task with this bunch. Some of them said they laughed so hard their sides hurt for a couple of days. You made the learning fun for us.

Second, your content was extraordinary. It was packed with lots of good stuff our people could use immediately. Many of them commented on how much they appreciated this. They can be a tough crowd. We have had some top speakers in the country into our company so our people have very high expectations of a speaker. You delivered!

Third, you delivered a very subtle but powerful philosophical message about what it means to be in the real estate business. Several of our more experienced partners commented that they had been so close to the business for so many years that they had forgotten to appreciate the opportunities we have. Two partners said you changed their mind about retirement and they are now renewed and ready to put their careers back on fire! Many related that this was the most powerful part of the day for them.

Dave, we want to thank you again for the different you have made in our company. We hope you will join us again soon.

Larry Kendall, The Group, Inc.

“You did it again!…left them with tools and knowledge that can immediately put to use.”

You did it again! Thanks for another entertaining and informative training session with our associates and managers. Your humor, experience and delivery kept everyone’s interest and I know you left them with tools and knowledge they can immediately put to use.

As you know, because of our strong company culture, we don’t let many outside guests into our “inner sanctum”. Nonetheless, your willingness to study and educate yourself on our company, demonstrates your passion for training and committmenet to deliver an effective seminar. Amazing how all it takes is a professional from outside the company (the Mid-West even) to get the troops to listen to some of what we say to them all the time; but with us it only falls on deaf ears. Thanks for a great job reaching the crowd; I’ve promised them we’d have you again.

Patrick Connor, London Properties,Ltd.

“A favorite of our company, our board of realtors, and the Colorado Association of Realtors.”

Dave and I go back into the mid 70’s when he was first getting started with training for real estate professionals. His witty approach and down to earth presentation shape his dialogues and scripts into tools you can use everyday. I still use ideas and stores Dave shared with our group the first time I heard him way back then. Over the years, we have stayed in touch and during times that I have had responsibility for education ideas I have never hesitated to recommend Dave. Dave has never disappointed with his blend of humor and innovated ideas as the industry changes. He has been a favorite of our company, our board of realtors, and the Colorado Association of Realtors. I am prooud to have helped him establish himself in these organizations.

John Arends, RE/MAX Properties

“You did it again!…left them with tools and knowledge that can immediately put to use.”

Thank you for making our Monterey Retreat such a success and memorable event! It was apparent the troops enjoyed your messsage, they received value from the systems you demonstrated so well and your delivery was exemplary. Hats off to your Dave!

I also appreciated you mixing with the Members after the session, I know you were tired but that meant a lot to them. I’m grateful to come to know you better and appreciated your comments and interest in us. Should any of our friends require your services, we will definitely mention our experience with you as nothing less than wonderful. Also, it would be our pleasure to recommend you to anyone your staff requests call.

Scott LeForce, Realty World

“A favorite of our company, our board of realtors, and the Colorado Association of Realtors.”

On behalf of RE/MAX of New England, I would like to thank you for participating in our Fall Sales Rally. I appreciate you taking the time during this busy season to share your expertise with the RE/MAX associates in their region.

Everyone enjoyed your presentation tremendously and found it both informative and educational. So many people came up to me afterwards and asked when we were going to have you back. You were outstanding. Thank you again for your participation and I look forward to working with you for future events.

Lisa Murray, Director of Promotions, RE/MAX of New England

“Thank you for adapting the topic to suit…and the goals of the group…and your content was “right on”…laser-like attention of the audience”

…One of our most treasured groups is our L&F Gold TEam which is made up of our top producers. These are the salespeople who have helped us to build our market share and our reputation. AS you can imagine, they have attended numerous special events and have heard all the national speakers in the last few years so planning an informative and motivational meeting for our “most important” people is a challenge which I take very seriously.

That is why we selected you to present your special topic “The Top Thirteen Success Strategies of Realty Professionals”. Thank you for adapting the topic to suit our changing market, and the goals of the group, which included being both Winter Soldiers (enduring a tough market) and enjoying an Endless Summer of business.

During the initial planning stage, we found it easy to work with you and your team. But during the most important part, the actual presentation, you really excelled. Your customizing to our L&F culture, your enthusiasm, and your content was “right on”. Lots of applause, many favorable comments, and laser-like attention of the audience indicated to me that your aim was perfect. You were a hit and for that I thank you. We look forward to including you again in our future offerings and would encourage other companies with a concern for the highest quality and results in training…to choose you. Dave, thanks for your help in making our special day so memorable!

Jo Boerner-Nilsen, Long and Foster Companies

“Thank you for making our California Conference such a success”

Just a note to thank you for making our California Conference such a success. Your talk on Thursday and especially moderating the panel was a HUGE success. Your outstanding efforts were greatly appreciated.

Once again want to “THANK YOU” for a magnificient job. You earned it and more. I appreciate the fact that you were able to attend to cocktail receptions, mix with the folks, go to dinner with the owners, and in general make this conference our most successful ever.

Richard Grommon, Realty Executives

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