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Where do I find my Dave Beson letters in Agent office?

Your Dave Beson letters are located in 2 places….under Word Processor, and under Activity Plans in the contact records.

1. To locate the letters in the Agent Office word processor section:

Click on the word processor in Agent Office (one of the top icons)
Choose File, then choose Open
Choose Form Letter. And they are all listed there.

2. Dave Beson letter are also located in the Plans section (also called Activity/Action Plans):

Select a contact file/record
Click on the tab called Plans. And the plans are listed under activity plans

ERROR MESSAGE: “can't find D:/setup.exe and is missing some .dll files” when trying to install LetterWriter programs.

The Dave Beson Letters must be imported into your Agent Office through “Content Import” please follow the installation instructions that came with your software.

Where are my Dave Beson Buyer and Seller Letters?

Since the letters are not on an action plan, you can find the Buyer and Seller letters in the communications library under LetterWriter follow-up letters.

How do I tell the difference between the letters that come with Agent Office & my Dave Beson Letters?

In the Activity Plans section of Agent office the Dave Beson letters are listed by the Activity Plan name (such as 7 Year or Gold Mine Follow Up) and in the Agent Office Word Processor, the letters are listed as follows:

LetterWriter letters are listed as: Beson.

LetterWriter Plus letters are listed as: Beson Plus.

eLetterWriter letters are listed as: e-LetterWriter.

Why Can’t I find the letters to Buyers and Sellers in my Activity Plans?

Letters to Buyers and Sellers are not on Activity Plans and therefore will only be found in the Agent Office Word Processor and not in plans.

How do I Launch an Activity Plan for a contact?

To launch a plan for a specific contact, all contacts, or a group of contacts, open the Contact module and locate the Contact record of your contact.

To launch a plan for a specific group of contacts, you must have previously created that group and be in group mode. To select a saved group, select Group, then Saved Group from the Tools menu. Select your group from the list that appears.

To launch a plan for a specific listing, open the Listings module and locate the listing.

To launch a plan for a specific sale, open the Sales module and locate the sale.

Click on the Plans tab and the Activity Plan screen appears. The program comes pre-loaded with some plans; however, if the plan you want to launch has not yet been created, see Working with Activity Plans at before continuing.

To see the different types of activity plans available, click on the down arrow next to the Activity Plans field. A drop-down menu appears. Make your selection.

Select the name of the plan from the list under Description.

If you are launching a plan from the Contact module, choose whether to launch the plan for the individual contact, for the group, or for all contacts by clicking on the desired option. (The system automatically selects the individual contact.)

To delete any activity from the list, select the activity, then click the Delete Selected Items button. Altering the plan in this way only alters the plan for this specific application. The activity plan itself remains as it was originally created. (To alter a plan permanently, see Working with Activity Plans section in your Agent Office manual)

Enter a launch date in the Launch Date field, or double-click in the field to activate the calendar. Select the correct date, then click the OK button. Click the Launch Plan button. The system asks if you want to launch the plan with the date you entered as the inception date. Click Yes and the plan is launched.

Note: Everyone who has been assigned plan activities will have those activities listed on their Contact record Notes/Activities tab.

How do I add a PS. Or note to just one letter before it prints?

Click on the Agent Office word processor

Click on File, then click on Open

Select Form Letter

Under the sort by section, click on form letter name

A lookup form name box appears, type the name of the letter you would like to add the note or PS to.

When you locate the letter, click ok and the Agent Office word processor window will open displaying the letter.

Add your note or PS to the letter and click save.

You can now print the letter with the added note or PS for your contact.

**Note: you must repeat the steps above and delete the note or PS from the letter and click save before sending it to another contact.

How do I globally & permanently remove a word such as “Realtor” from Dave Beson’s letters in Agent Office?

You are unable to do a global change of all the letters for a single word, However you can do a search and replace by going to each individual letter and following these steps:

To search and replace text:

1. From the Edit menu select Search, then select Replace . The Search and Replace screen appears. Set the parameters for your search and replace.

2. Click the Replace button. The Replace Screen allows you to look at each example and decide whether to replace, skip, or cancel the task. To replace all instances of a word/phrase in the entire document, click the Replace All button.

3. After you make a change to each letter, you will need to save the letter for the change to be permanent.

How do I permanently edit or change a form letter?

The process is as follows:

1.Open the Word Processor in Agent Office.

2.Click on Open, then click on File.

3. Click on Form Letter.

4. Scroll down and select the letter you want to change.

5. Or under sort by section, to search for the letter, a lookup form name box appears, type the name of the letter you would like to permanently change.

6. When you find the letter you would like to change in the letter list. Then click ok.

7. You can now modify the letter.

8. When you finish modifying the letter you can either click save to permanently change the original letter, or click Save As and rename the letter to keep the original letter intact and create a second, revised letter.

How do I change the way my name reads at the bottom of each letter? Or How do I add a designation or slogan to my name?

You will need to edit your agent settings:

1. Open the program Utilities (use the shortcut on the Start menu).

2. On the System Setup menu, click Agent Settings. When the Access Information screen appears warning that only the registered user will be allowed to use this option, click OK. The Login User screen appears.

3. Enter your current login code and password and click OK. (Use “pat” and “pat” if you have never set up a login or password before.) Logins and passwords are not case sensitive. The Agent Settings screen appears. (If you do not recall or do not know your password please contact Agent Office for at 1-800-996-6547. )

4. Make changes to your Agent and Company information here.

5. When you’re done click ok to save the changes.

How do I add additional merge fields to the bottom of my letters?

1. To add the additional merge fields, you must make sure the cursor is flashing below the agent name field. (if it isn’t click with your mouse at the beginning of the line below the agent name field)

2. Go to insert and click on field.

3. A list of merge fields will come up, you can then select the field you want to add to the bottom of your letter, if there is multiple fields you want, you will need to repeat the step each time by hitting enter to move to the next line.

4. When you have all the fields you want to be filled in by agent office, you must click on save.

5. Once you have created the closing the way you want, and you want to add this to each letter, you need to highlight the new merge fields and go to edit and then copy.

6. Go to the next letter that you would like to change the closing to and highlight the closing information including the agent name field and hit delete.

7. The cursor will be at the starting point of the original closing, now to add the information you created in the last letter, you go to edit and then paste. This will fill in the new merge fields you created. You will need to do this with each letter and make sure you click save after you modify each letter to save the changes.

8. If the change you want is not available in a merge field then you will need to contact Agent Office directly at 1-800-996-6547 and inquire about changing the way your Agent Office is registered.

How do I create a NEW Activity Plan of my own in Agent Office?

To create a plan:

1. From the Go menu, select Plan Manager. The Activity Plan screen appears.

2. To add a new plan that will be considerably different from any existing plan, click the New Plan button. The Add New Plan Name screen appears.

3. Enter a name for the plan in the Name field. Click on the down arrow next to the Type field and select (assign) a type for your plan. Click the OK button. A blank Activity Plan screen appears. You will now add the activities of your plan.

4. Click the Add Act button and the Add Activity screen appears. The Time From Inception of Plan fields may include negative or positive numbers, depending on whether you are working back from a date (negative) or towards a date (positive).

5. Each step in your plan is entered as an activity. From the types of activities (calls, appointments, to do’s, mail, etc.), select the type and enter it to the Activity Type field.

6. If you select Mail as your activity type, the Mail Options appear. Select this piece of mail to be a letter, an e-mail, or to decide at launch which form this mail will take by clicking on the circle next to the desired option.

7. Select a priority for your activity by clicking on the down arrow next to the Priority field.

8. If you selected Mail as your activity type, click the Mail button. The Open Letter screen appears. Select the desired letter or form letter from the list and click the OK button. The title of the letter now appears in the Mail field.

9. Enter an activity description or select a type from the Description field. The Assign field will automatically fill in with your name.

10. If this step of the plan will be the responsibility of someone else, click on the down arrow next to the Assign field to access a selection list. Make the desired selection.

11. Type any notes related to this activity in the Notes field.

12. When you are finished, click the Add button. Your activity is added to the plan and the screen is cleared so that you can add another activity. When you are done, click the Close button.

13. Continue to add as many activities as there are stages to your plan. Activities can also be revised or deleted, as necessary.

Why does it say “0 Letters added, 0 plans added” When I try to install my Dave Beson Letters?

There are two reasons, one is because you have already installed the letters or two, you have made changes to your database and your Dave Beson Letters may need to be reinstalled which will mean you first need to “PACK” the files before you are able to reinstall. See steps below on how to do this, or call Agent Office at 1-800-996-6547.

What is meant by Packing files?

Packing and reindexing are file management tools. Think of your system as a large file cabinet that gets opened and closed all day, every day. File folders get frequently pulled out and replaced, resulting in a disorganized file system. Packing helps conserve space on your hard drive; reindexing helps organize that space.

The packing feature tells the system to get rid of unnecessary information, thus conserving space. Imagine the wastebasket in your office. Bits and pieces of information get tossed into it all day long. Even though its contents are meant to be discarded, the basket is full and still taking up space in the office. It is only when the after-hours cleaning crew removes the trash that it is actually gone. Packing your data files is like telling the cleaning crew to remove discarded information from your files.

You should pack your database records at least once a month, or any time you delete large amounts of data. Since the process may take awhile, you may want to pack at the end of the day. You will not be able to use your computer while packing is in progress.

How do I Pack my Agent Office files?

Follow the steps below to pack your files.

1. Open the program Utilities (use the shortcut on the Start menu).

2. From the File menu select Pack All. The Confirm screen appears.

3. Read the message, then confirm your intent to pack all files by clicking the Yes button. The Packing Database Information screen appears showing the packing in progress. If you receive an error message on your screen during the packing procedure, call Technical Support. See Contacting Technical Support.

4. When packing is complete, you are returned to the main Utilities screen. To exit Utilities, select Exit from the File menu.

How do I Globally change the Font’s and Margins of my letters?
How do get more information on Agent Office products?

FNIS Agent office Product Information:

How do get more information on Agent Office products?

FNIS Agent office Product Information:

Where do I find the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) about Agent office and other product on the FNIS website?

Click on the link below or type the link into your web browser:

How do get more information on Agent Office products?

FNIS Agent office Product Information:

How do I contact Agent Office Technical Support directly for assistance?

You can contact Technical Support in the following ways.

Email Tech Support:
California, New Mexico, Arizona, Indiana or Washington State: Please contact tech support at the following email.

Tech Support by Phone: 1-800-996-6547 Monday – Friday 8am to 7pm Central time.

**NOTE: PLEASE READ: Dave Beson’s Letters install into the Agent Office program. Once Dave Beson’s letter have installed into Agent Office, the functions of the Dave Beson’s letters are completely based on the Agent Office program and it’s functions. All of the solutions above are based on the current version of Agent office and are dependent on the Agent Office program for their accuracy. Many of the solutions above have been taken directly from the Agent Office website or product manual. We always recommend you contact Agent Office (FNIS) directly at 800-996-6547 to verify the accuracy of the above information before applying, or to answer any questions. Always backup your computer and your Agent Office program before making any changes. Thank you.