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How do I order the Dave Beson LetterWriter Series and use it with my efrogg?

Contact Jessica at Dave Beson Seminars to place your order and we will notify efrogg that you have ordered our products to use with their programs. They in turn will activate our products to work with your efrogg. Jessica’s email address is

If I already have eFrogg and have ordered Dave Beson’s letters for a different contact manager, how do I now get my letters into my eFrogg?

You must contact eFrogg directly and they will verify your purchase then upload your Dave Beson letters into you eFrogg.

Where are my Dave Beson letters stored?

Your letters are uploaded into your efrogg account and are stored in your user file.

How do I setup a letter campaign for a contact?

1. Click on My Contacts

2. Select the contact you wish to setup on a campaign

3. Click on the letters tab

4. Choose a campaign to add.

5. Select the start date.

6. If you choose, you may add a customized message to every letter before it is sent.

7. Confirm the email address the letters will be sent from.

8. Click on Generate Campaign.

I have other questions about efrogg.

Visit efrogg’s frequently asked questions section on their website by clicking the link:

eFrogg Tech Support: 1-877-433-7644