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How do I apply one of Dave Beson’s Action Plans to a contact?

1. Click Tools on the Goldmine menu bar

2. Select automated process

3. Select Setup Processes (Action Plan)

4. Select the Process (Action Plan)

5. Select the Contact you want to apply the process to.

6. Select the start date

7. Click OK (You will be prompted to print or email the letter when you log in)

Where are my Dave Beson Letters located in my Goldmine Program?

1. Log in to your Goldmine

2. From the Goldmine toolbar select menu.

3. Select Edit.

4. Select Customized templates, this will open the document management center.

5. Select the letter you wish to open.

6. The letter will be displayed in Microsoft word.

7. If you make changes to the letter, select update Goldmine form to permanently change the letter.

Why won’t my Dave Beson letters install into my Goldmine 6.7?

You must have Dave Beson’s LetterWriter or LetterWriter plus CD that is labeled “for Goldmine 6.0 or higher.”

Do I need the Real Estate version of Goldmine in order for my Dave Beson letters to work?

Yes, the Dave Beson letters are designed to work with the Real Estate Version of Goldmine.

Who do I contact to purchase the Real Estate version for Goldmine?

The Real Estate template is a free download from Goldmine you can download by following these steps:

1. Login to goldmine with a username that has Master (Administrator) rights.

2. Select Tools then Quick Start wizard on the Goldmine Main Menu bar.

3. Click the industry template wizard icon (third from the left)

4. Select next

5. Choose the desired industry template and proceed with the remainder of the industry template wizard to complete the install.

**Note If you have already entered data into your Goldmine system, be sure to back up your Goldmine system prior to installing one of the industry templates or add-ons available with the industry solutions e-installer.

How do I send a letter to one of my contacts?

1. Open the contact record in Goldmine.

2. From the Main Menu, Select contact, Write and then Mail Merge.

3. Highlight the document type you want to select from.

4. Highlight the template you want to merge.

5. Select the recipient tab.

6. From the contact selection subheading, select this contact.

7. From the delivery subheading, select print.

8. Click ok.

How do I link this letter to the contact record so I can retrieve it later for review?

1. Select the Link tab in the contact record.

2. Right click the local menu, then select new.

3. Type a document name to describe the linked document.

4. To designate another user as the document owner, select a name from the drop down list.

5. Type notes to add details about the document.

6. Specify the path and filename of the file that you want to link to the contact record.

7. Select ok.

Is there a user manual for the Real Estate Template that I can download?

Yes, visit the website by clicking the link to download a PDF version of the user manual: CLICK HERE

Goldmine Knowledge Base:

Tech Support: Fee based support either a Per call or Incident fee or you must have a Maintenance contract: 1-800-755-2100


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