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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

Dave Beson’s Letters (LetterWriter, LetterWriter Plus, eLetterWriter and ARMS/LetterWriter for Managers) in MS Word

How do I find my Dave Beson letters?

1. Open Microsoft Word

2. Click File Then Open

3. The open file window appears, If you have saved the Letters to your computer make sure you change “Files of Type” to ALL FILES and navigate to the location where you saved the files to. The default location to save files to is you’re “My Documents”. If you are accessing the files from the original cd, change the “Look in” to show the cd drive and “Files of Type” to show ALL FILES.

**Note: In LetterWriter and LetterWriter Plus the letters are in the text (.txt) format.

4. Select the folder that contains the set of letters you wish to open

5. Select the letter you wish to use and click open.

6. Modify the letter if needed and make sure you Click File then Save AS and Make sure to change the Save as type to word document. This will save the modified letter in the Microsoft word format.

How can I globally change my Text files into Word Documents?

You cannot do a global change to the letters; you must convert each letter individually.

How do I convert my Dave Beson Letters from a .txt file to a word document (.doc)?

1. Open your Dave Beson letters for ms word.

2. if you done so already save the letters to a file on your computer.

3. Right click on the letter you wish to convert.

4. From the menu that appears, click “Open With”

5. Select Microsoft word, if its not listed click choose program

6. Scroll down and select Microsoft Word from program list and click ok.

7. The letter will open in a Microsoft word document window.

8. Click file, then “Save As”

9. The Save as window appears, Leave the file name as it appears so it will follow along with your manual.

10. Change the “Save as type” from plain text to “Word Document” and click save.

How can I globally change the way my letters look?

There is no global way to change all the letters at once; you will need to change each letter one at a time.

How can I change the FONT or formatting of a letter?

1. Select the letter you would like to change.

2. Highlight the entire letter

3. Change the Font and Font size to fit your style.

4. Click on Format, then Paragraph to modify your document spacing.

5. Click SAVE to make the changes permanent.

How do I create a “Mail Merge” document?

1. Click on Tools in Microsoft Word, then Letters and Mailings, Select Mail Merge.

2. Choose the type of document you want to merge information into. You have the choice of Letter or email.

3. Choose the document you want to use. You have the choice of using the current document, Template or existing document.

4. If you choose existing document, locate the document you wish to use.

5. You will be prompted to select the record you would like merged into your document, you are given three choices; Use existing list, Select from Outlook contacts or type a new list.

6. For individual contact click select from outlook contacts

7. Choose your contacts folder

8. Choose the record or records in the data file you want to use.

9. You will need to add the merge fields to the document you want to use.

10. Click on the location with in your document that you would like the merge fields placed.

11. Click insert merge field

12. select the merge field you would like added to the letter, if more than one you will need to repeat the step.

13. Once you have selected all the merge fields you would like to use, click file then save.

Where can I find help regarding Microsoft word?

1. Click on Help from the Microsoft Word tool bar, then click on Microsoft Word help.
2. The word help window appears
3. Type in the question you would like help with or click on Table of Contents to do a manual search for you help question.

Where do I find Microsoft’s Knowledge Base to look up additional information?:

What is the website I go to start my one free email support question?:

What is the number I call to receive my one free phone support question?: Please call 1-425-635-7056

If I need additional Support from Microsoft, what is the cost and How do I contact Microsoft?: There is a $35 per each additional support request, the Number to call is 1-800-936-5700. Please have a valid credit card when calling for additional Tech Support.