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HP Real Estate Marketing Assistant

Dave Beson’s NewsLetterWriter using HP REMA

Will my NewsLetterWriter work without having the HP Marketing Assistant installed?

No, the NewsLetterWriter for the HP Marketing Assistant is designed to only with the HP Marketing Assistant.

How do I access my Newsletters in the HP Marketing Assistant?

The newsletters can be found under the More documents tabs in the “What do you want to create?” section.

How can I change the text of my newsletter?

Click on a page where you want to change or remove text. If the text is in a text area, you will see a selection rectangle around the text area with a blinking vertical bar (text insertion cursor) where you clicked.

Do one of the following:

To change text, select the text you want to change and type new text. The text you type replaces the highlighted text.

To remove text, select the text you want to remove. Press the Delete key on your keyboard and the highlighted text is removed.

How can I add a new text area to my newsletter?
  • On the Word menu bar at the top of the window, click Insert and you will see the Insert menu items
  • Click the Text Box menu item
  • Click where you want to add text. You will see a small selection rectangle that contains a blinking vertical bar (text insertion cursor)
  • Type the new text

To remove the border around the text area:

  • Open the Word menu bar at the top of the window and select Format. You will see the Format menu items appear.
  • Click the Text Box menu item
  • In the Format Text Box dialog box, click the arrow for the Color list, then select No Line.
  • Click the OK button
How do I create a PDF file of my newsletter?

To create a PDF of the document that you are working on:

  • Click the Generate PDF button at the bottom of the assistance tab and the HP Marketing Assistant window appears.
  • Select the option you would like to complete: Email the document as a PDF file attachment or save the document as a PDF file.

If you selected to email the document, you will see the email with an attachment that has a .PDF file extension; you can complete the email and send it.

If you selected save the document as a PDF file, a printing dialogue box will appear briefly, then you will be asked to view the document. Either select yes or no.

Where do I find the PDF files I created?

They are located in your computer’s My Documents folder under the sub-folder of HP Real Estate Marketing Assistant. To access:

  • Open your My Documents folder on your computer
  • Locate the HP Real Estate Marketing Assistant folder and double click the icon to open the folder
  • Double click the folder that has your name
  • Double click the PDF files folder
  • Locate the newsletter you want to view and double click the document to open it
Can I make changes to the PDF file I created?

No, once you create a PDF file, it cannot be modified. You must recreate the changes in a new document before saving it as PDF file again.

What information should I have ready before I call Tech Support?

Please have one of the following: Name of Original purchaser, Customer ID or Invoice ID.

For additional Tech Support contact:

HP Toll Free Tech Support Number: 1-888-523-1101 or HP Direct Dial Tech Support Number: 1-617-441-3121