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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

Dave Beson’s NewsLetterWriter for Microsoft Word users

Where are my Dave Beson Newsletters?

Open Microsoft Word
Click File then select Open
Where it says “Look in” change the drop menu next to it so it says “Local disc C”
Click on WINWORD
Choose the Newsletter and click open.

Can I modify the Newsletters?

Yes, you can modify the newsletters however you wish. Make sure you select “Save As” and rename the newsletter to keep the original intact.

How do I modify my Newsletters?

Locate the newsletter you would like to change, then click on the area within the newsletter you want to change. (A frame will appear around the text)

Highlight the word or words you would like to change.

Type the word or words you would like to replace the highlighted words with.

Click File, then select Save As to save your modified newsletter with a different name.

What versions of Microsoft Word will the Newsletter Writer work with?

The newsletter Writer for Microsoft Word is compatible with Microsoft Word 97 and higher.

Can I create a short cut on my desktop to access my newsletters?

Yes, follow these simple steps to create a short cut on your desktop:

1. Open My Computer
2. Double click on the “C” drive
3. Double click on the MSOFFICE folder
4. Right click and create short-cut on the WINWORD folder
5. Right click and copy the shortcut created next to the WINWORD folder
6. Paste the shortcut to your desktop
7. Rename the shortcut to a name that will make it easy for you to differentiate between other programs.

If I accidentally delete a newsletter, can I just reinstall the newsletter I deleted?

Yes, but you will need to know which newsletter you deleted and follow these instructions:

1. Run the original Setup.exe file from your disc.
2. Click OK at the Welcome screen
3. Verify the destination drive of the newsletters and click OK.
4. You will be asked to insert disc 2, click OK.
5. You will be prompted to overwrite an existing file.
6. You have the option to click yes to overwrite or no to continue to the next newsletter.
7. When you come to the newsletter that was deleted, it will automatically reinstall the newsletter.

Once you have completed the reinstallation of the newsletter, you will be able work with it again.

Note: Make sure to click Save as with a new name if you modify the Newsletter and want to keep the original intact.