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Frequently asked questions about Dave Beson products and Pat Zaby’s Respond.

What if my key code does not work?

Please contact Dave Beson Seminars with your product registration information.

Where do I look to see how my product is registered?

With your outlook open, the user settings tab is to the right of the check for updates tab. Click on user setting to determine how your program is registered.

Do I need to purchase the whole Marketing Library system to use Dave Beson’s LetterWriter Series?

No, You will only need to purchase The Respond Edition program.

When I try to install my Beson Letters, the installation is looking for a Marketing Library folder. Where is it?

The Marketing Library folder is located on your “C” drive under Program files in a folder called Seminars and Systems.

How do I make a change to one of Dave Beson’s letters in Respond?

1. Open the Marketing Library.

2. Select the LetterWriter program for which the letter you want to modify is located.

3. Double click on the letter you want modify.

4. The letter will open up in Microsoft Word.

5. Make changes to the letter as needed.

6 Click Save to permanently change the letter or save as with a new name to keep the original letter intact.

How do I apply a campaign to a contact?

1. Select the contact you would like to apply a campaign to.

2. Select apply campaign to contact

3. The Apply a campaign window will open.

4. Click browse to locate the campaign you wish to launch.

**Note To access the campaigns related to your Dave Beson products, you must open the folder containing either the LetterWriter, LetterWriter Plus or eLetterWriter. The campaigns for each program are located inside the corresponding folder. Inside there will be a Campaigns folder which you will select the appropriate campaign from.

5. Open the campaigns folder

6. Select the desired campaign and click open.

7. Set the start date for the campaign and click ok

8. Your campaign is set to run, you do not receive a confirmation message when you apply a campaign.

9. You will be prompted when action is needed on a contacts campaign.

How do change to the sequence of a campaign, or change how often the letters are scheduled to go out, in one of Dave Beson’s Campaigns?

1. Open The Marketing Campaigns from your programs menu.

2. Go to File then Open

3. The Templates window appears.

4. Select the program folder for the campaign you want to modify.

5. Select the Campaigns folder, and then select the campaign you wish to modify.

6. You must modify each letter in the specific campaign to change the sequence or timing of the letters.

7. Click Save to permanently change the campaign or Save As with a new name to keep the original campaign intact.

Can I quickly find the days campaign actions that require my attention?

In outlook, click on the View Today’s Campaign Actions tab.

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