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Limited Use Agreement and Return Policy

Applies to LetterWriter, LetterWriterPLUS, eLetterWriter, LetterWriter Platinum and ANY other software or products created and owned by Dave Beson Seminars.

RESTRICTIONS: You may not loan, rent, lease, transfer or give this software or printed material to another person for any reason. Failure to agree to these terms requires immediate return of the software and all written material to the company.

The software purchased by sub-licensee is for use on the computer owned or leased by the purchaser and is hereby to be used only by sub-licensee and their personal assistant. The purchaser agrees to protect the confidentiality of the software and letters and will not distribute, or otherwise make available the Software, or any portion thereof, in any form, to a third party. Copyright, title and ownership of the Software shall remain with Dave Beson Seminars Incorporated and authorization for use of the Software is for the individual use of the authorized purchaser only.

This agreement further includes that the Software may not be assigned and transferred by the sub-licensee to any third party without prior notice and written approval from Dave Beson Seminars. No right to reproduce or copy the Software in whole or part is authorized by Dave Beson Seminars Inc., and is intended for the purchaser’s use only on a home, office or portable computer and is at no time to be considered available for multiple agent use unless specifically sold as a multi-agent program and registered in writing as such.

This agreement shall be effective as soon as the sub-licensee receives the program(s). No warranties with respect to the software are made by Dave Beson Seminars and further denies any liability for incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the use of the software by sub-licensee or any third party.

Any return of the software or other products for a refund must be shipped back to Dave Beson Seminars office and received by Dave Beson Seminars within 30 calendar days from date the purchaser received program(s). This policy is applied consistently to be fair and consistent to each customer, therefore no exceptions will be made. Customer must call Dave Beson Seminars prior to attempting to return product and receive an RMA (Return Authorization number) before returned shipments will be accepted. Returns must include the total number of items included in the original package and arrive in good condition. Delivery and receipt dates are logged via UPS. Money back guarantee applies only when returned package is tracked and can be verified received and signed for by Dave Beson Seminars via UPS or FedEx tracking systems within the 30 calendar day timeframe. Returns are less shipping & handling, and less 35% restocking fee on opened or damaged software and/or other items and 20% on damaged items. After 30 days from the date of purchase, Replacement software such as new cd’s, uploads to different CRMs/databases/programs, uploads to Word, additional CD’s, or requested CD’s/uploads from once originally uploaded or CD programs will be charged $20.00 for each program for all customers which includes the cost of shipping.

On items RE-SOLD by Dave Beson Seminars, but not created by Dave Beson Seminars, the individual company return policy will be honored.

Dave Beson Seminars will provide telephone technical support to verified registered users for a period of no more than 60 days from the date of purchase and will include information on the installation and use of products developed solely by Dave Beson Seminars, not the contact managers the letters install into. Additional detailed support and FAQ’a can be found on our website and we will be happy to direct you to the proper company when needed.