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HP Real Estate Marketing Assistant Software

What do I do if I installed my HP Real Estate Marketing Assistant and I receive an “Illegal operation error” message each time I start the program?

If you are Running Windows XP and have installed or are running Service Pack 2, You need to visit HP’s Website at the link below and install the patch to make the program work with Windows XP Service pack 2.

Can I download a RE/MAX Design pack to work with my Real Estate Marketing Assistant?

Yes, visit the hp website below to download your free design pack:

I have installed my Dave Beson’s Newsletter Writer for the hp Real Estate Marketing Assistant, where are my Newsletters?

Click on More Documents from the start up page when the HP Real Estate Marketing Assistant is open. You will see a Dave Beson’s Newsletter Writer tab. Click on that tab to access the Newsletters you installed.

How do I get more information about the HP Real Estate Marketing Assistant Program?
I’m still having trouble with my HP Real Estate Marketing Assistant. Who can I call at HP for help?

The numbers for HP Real Estate Marketing Software tech support numbers are:

HP Tech Support Toll Free 1-888-523-1101
HP Tech Support Direct 617-441-3121